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Vertical Hanging Banners

Vertical Hanging Banners

Vertical Banners

Take your Messaging to Great Heights with Vertical Banners!

Our vertical banners really stand out in a crowd! Advertise a sale outside your retail shop or uniquely display your lunch specials by a café entrance. These banners are great for listing items out - whether you emphasize daily specials, provided services, sale items, or need to direct people which way to go!

Another advantage of a vertical banner is their space-saving design. These banners are long and narrow, making them ideal for displaying in tight spaces, such as along a wall or in a hallway. With our custom vertical banners you can spread any message you want in a distinctive way!

Vivid Sign Printing - Full-Color Photos to Business Logos

Here at BannersOnTheCheap, our goal is to give you the tools to be in complete control of your vertical banner creation from start to finish! Our design tool is easy to use and allows for full 100% customization, whether you are starting from one of our templates or completely from scratch. Utilize our free clipart and text tools to get your message across, or use our upload feature to incorporate a file or photo from your records!

Your design is printed onto a banner material of your choosing, and we use UV resistant inks to protect your artwork from fading over time. All banner styles will begin as Single Sided creations, however we offer Double Sided printing for each of these materials, so you can personalize both the front and back side for maximum effect!

Variety of Materials

We offer 4 different banner materials and a multitude of hanging options to help get you set up with exactly what you need! Regardless of where or how you plan on displaying your vertical banner, we’ve got you covered! Our 4 banner materials are Vinyl, Premium Vinyl, Mesh and Fabric:

Vinyl Banners are a popular choice because of their versatility. This durable material is made out of 13 oz. vinyl and has a 1000 x 1000 Denier rating. Vinyl Banners provide a matte finish, which makes them a great fit for distance advertising.

Premium Vinyl Banners are a great option for viewing at closer distances. This material is very similar to our standard Vinyl, however it is slightly thinner at 12oz and has a 300 x 300 Denier. Premium Vinyl Banners are finished with a smoother surface, which means that your uploaded images will appear much more photo-realistic and provide an elevated look for a more professional setting.

Mesh Banners are well suited for long-term outdoor display. These are made out of 9 oz. 100% polyester material, coated with PVC and have a 1000 x 1000 Denier. Mesh is the perfect solution for hanging banners in an area with high wind. We print on 70% of the surface area of your banner, and the remaining 30% provides holes which allow air to easily pass through and avoid damage to your hanging accessories and grommets.

Fabric Banners are the perfect indoor display material. This machine-washable fabric is made out of 100% polyester material that is resistant to creases and wrinkles. At 6.49oz, this is a lightweight fabric that can be easily folded for travel or storage. We print on a smooth, lightly-glossed surface and all sizes will come hemmed on all 4 sides with grommets added at no additional cost!

Display Your Way!

Vertical banners are commonly used to advertise in an area where horizontal space is limited, so hanging display options are the perfect solution to ensure your messaging does not go unnoticed!

We offer Bungees, Zip Ties and Hanging Clips that can be used to display your vertical banner from the ceiling, a window, or even outdoors! We recommend you add grommets to your custom vertical banner if you’re using our hanging accessories to display it. Grommets ensure that your vertical banner can be reused for multiple events, making them an excellent long-term investment for your business.

Tip: Use a vertical banner Stand to hold your banner up wherever you want it! vertical banners look great in hallways, walk ways, or at the front of your store or business.

Bulk Discounts / Buy More Save More

We strive to provide high quality custom printed vertical banners to suit your needs, regardless of your budget! In addition to our ongoing promotions running on our website, we also offer bulk discounts. Put simply: as your quantity per banner increases, the banner costs decrease! This is a great deal to take advantage of if you need multiple copies of the banner you’ve created, or if you’d like to keep an extra banner on hand for a rainy day.